MESSAGE TO MY INDIAN FRIEND’S, When I close my eyes and meditate I see the entire world as one. The Unity in diversity is not only true for INDIA but for entire world. Exceptions are always there and also important for rest of us to comprehend that “Unity is the best Policy”. And Personally I convey this to everyone “To open our eyes, one need to close them first” I am Dr. Swati V Sood from Pune, Maharashtra, India and founder of Trainer’s Club, Master Trainer, Learning and Development Consultant and Naturopathy Physician. Above all I love entertainment and always act as Talent booster within my limits. My diverse experience in Fashion and Corporate and craziness to work towards human kind in some or the other way keep me engage to exploit multiple verticals. Fashion and Entertainment was always a part of my short professional journey and I had tried and give bit of my contribution to it. With my own Professional growth I had also seen Talented People around me who are growing with their DREAMS but some day due to various factors, Such as, lack of resources, right connection at right time, Limitation in Opportunity etc. they give up and either go back to their own old life or have to identify some other career option. Few develop depression and also Suicide. But I believe with my all experience and many beautiful Natural Practices I learned and perform for myself that everyone of us are capable of GIVING and GIVING IS THE KEY OF GETTING. In the tiny journey I have tried doing it, Paying Gratitude to Universe, to my own body Soul and everyone around me who actually make me what I am. I am Simple but fun loving and keep myself busy in my DREAM of FLOURISHING WITH TALENTED PEOPLE surrounding me. So now I am glad to share that we have our own “SAHAR TV” Digital Platform by talented Singer and Director Mr. Lalaka Mamanzy [Afghanistan and Canada] , entering India with the boom. Yes Friend’s he is the one who really cares about Talent and Salute to the people who respect their own talent and NEVER GIVE UP. I am sure working with him as SAHAR TV Indian Partner we will create a GLOBAL platform for all the Talent in India. “SAHAR TV INDIA WELCOMES YOU.” Best Wishes..

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